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Sky High Cleaners Offers Premiere Cleaning Services in Rocky Mount & Westlake Corner, VA

About Sky High Cleaners

Cleaning Services in Rocky Mount & Westlake Corner, VA

  • Commercial Cleaning Services: Sky High Cleaners provides high quality, timely and professional commercial cleaning services to Roanoke, Salem, Cave Springs, Rocky Mount and Westlake Corner and other surrounding counties. Our promise is to provide professionalism, responsiveness and to provide premier cleaning services of offices and retail stores.  Read more here about our Commercial Cleaning Services here…
  • Allergy Relief Cleaning Services : Because over 50 million people in the US suffer from Environmental Allergies, there is a need for Allergy Relief House Cleaning Services.   Environmental caused allergies are triggered from exposure to both Outdoor and Indoor allergens.   The most common indoor/outdoor allergy triggers are: tree, grass and weed pollenmold sporesdust mites,  cockroaches, and cat, dog and rodent dander.   Doctors recommend that people who suffer Environmental Caused Allergies put in place regularly scheduled Allergy Control & Relief Cleaning as a means of helping to relieve Environmental caused allergies. Find out more about our Allergy Relief Cleaning Service here…
  • Blind Cleaning Services: Dusting your Rocky Mount, Westlake Corner or Roanoke Virginia blinds should definitely be done when you or your house keeping service clean the house. But, does dusting the blinds really clean them throughly enough to take of all of the potential problems they can present over time to the cleanliness and well being of your home? Read more about our Blind Cleaning Service here…
  • Chandelier Cleaning Services: Whether your Roanoke Va home or business has a Crystal, Glass, Candle, or Shaded type of chandelier, we can generally can clean it.  Although chandeliers can add elegance to a home or business, after a while they will lose their luster due to dust and dirt.   They will need cleaning periodically to restore their sparkling beauty.  So, how does Sky High Cleaner clean your chandeliers?  Read about our Chandelier Cleaning Service here…
  • Gutter Cleaning Services: Avoid costly repairs that can occur if your Ronoke, Va gutters are not cleaned properly.  Cleaning gutters will keep water from seeping into your walls if the gutters and downspouts are clogged which could damage your siding and drywall.  It also prevents your gutters from becoming loose from the weight of water that freezes in the gutters in the winter time.  Read about our Gutter Cleaning Service here…
  • High Ceiling Cleaning Services: Many modern homes and businesses in the Roanoke, Va area have high ceilings that need regular cleaning throughout the year.  High ceilings have great aesthetic effects such as making a room look bigger and giving the room a cozier and more intimate feeling.  A business such as a restaurant with high ceilings helps to contribute to the ambience or mood of the place. But as every homeowner and business knows, having beautiful high ceilings have their challenges when it comes to cleaning.  Read more about our High Ceiling cleaning here…
  • Window Cleaning Service: Nothing is worse than having a beautiful Roanoke, Virginia home with dirty windows that takes away from the view.   Windows have several functions like protection against the weather, allowing daylight to in, supplying fresh air and connection to the outside, and thermal and acoustical purposes.  Needless to say all of these functions can be affected by dirty windows in some way.  Read more about our Window Cleaning Service here…

Why Customers Choose Sky High Cleaners For Their Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

We Put You First

Sky High Cleaners is customer focused on you not like many cleaning services that are focused on themselves.

We Listen To You

Sky High Cleaners takes the time to listen and understand your needs. We want you completely satisfied with our services.

We Protect You

Because there are dishonest and unprofessional businesses and characters,  Sky High Cleaners helps protect you by being Licensed, Insured and Bonded.  You can ask us to provide proof.

High Standards

Sky High Cleaners pursues the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business for your benefit.

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